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February 13th 2002 Happy Dresden Day! 58 years ago today in a proud moment, Allied bombers utterly destroyed Germany's vital wartime porcelain industry at the mere cost of 135,000 civilian women and children. Although some point to this as a singular event of American military might, the spirit of total war has been revived in recent years, with Clinton's surgically precise cruise missile destruction of various marginally suspicious sub-sahran medicine factories, and just recently a complete rout of the terrorist sympathizing Aghani Red Cross chapter, via tactical air superiority.
In local news: my brother, who is if possible, a harder core anarchist than myself, is starting a petition with some of his jock buddies to legalize open deer hunting out in chesterfield, because the magestic animals are severely overpopulated and causing rampant car accidents, including an outrageous $300 cracked headlight on his brand new mercury cougar, which inspired the whole crusade. regardless of whether the petition goes anywhere, they are now carrying shotguns in their cars and intend to shoot any deer on sight.
woah buddy, that is one neighborhood I am definately staying the fuck away from. wait a minute-- what if I was a criminal? maybe if everybody carried massive 12guages around--or even, get this, small caliber pistols-- maybe this would make every neighborhood a definate no go zone for crackheads and scumbags. haha, never mind, I forgot we have cops in chesterfield, I can save my $150 on that cheap Makarov 9mm, and get a cellphone w 911 speed dial instead. Maybe theyll have time to go jog after a few muggers, as soon as they finish ticketing me for sideswiping an endangered species, that just happens to be breeding out of control.

so to radically change the subject: I was thinking, if the penis envy concept is such a mainstay of psychology, why is there such a disproportionate number of male-to-female transexuals rather than vice versa? Bam. put that in your pipe and smoke it, Freud.