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February 23rd 2002
Rumbled some poker last night. I won exactly zero dollars. I went in with $50 at 7:30, won a few small holdem pots, got nailed for almost 20 bucks on pass the trash, then won a couple big 5stud and passtrash hands and got up to $68 at the highest, then slowly lost my profit away until I bought out with my original $50 around 11:30. 4 hours of entertainment at no cost, not terrible. My brother robbed all his friends for about $200.
Another college slacking success story:
I was getting kind of sick of German and one thing led to another and I ended up skipping class something like 7 days in a row. Then I checked the sylabus and realized there was a test scheduled for one of the days I missed. Well fuck me. I then began plotting some elaborate traumatic excuse that would keep me from being forced to drop the class. So I finally go to class yesterday and prepare to kiss some ass. Ha! Unbeknownst to me, the Ost-Deustch Frau had been sick for FIVE of the days I skipped, including the test day. Bam. Saved again.
Another drawing added to the collection. I've received a number of requests for skull/crown/sword motifs, so here is the delivery.