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May 29th 2002 Due to the end of my semester, a major computer virus, and other assorted problems, its been 6 weeks since I last updated.
Of interest: I am now gainfully employed providing computer animation to a sofware company for the princely sum of $20/hr at full time 10-5.
Sadly my employer is the straight arrow type, and no under the table tax free arrangements could be made.

I saw Star Wars. I liked it. Acting was not as bad as I expected. The settings/chases/effects/fights/etc were all awesome. And the best part: Everybody in the movie is either evil or naively serving evil. Not the typical Rebels vs Empire morality play. I look forward to Ep3.

I won 40 bucks in the ASC chess tourney. I beleive this is the first practical value I have ever accrued from that skill.

In my endless spare time, I have started yet another ambitious project. Any amateur roboticists or lego experts, advice is hereby solicited: LEGO PAINTBALL
Its only a matter of time before I upgrade to 9mm.