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December 9th 2002
Want to go to Somalia?
Exotic land of shell craters and starving natives?

Forget all that Black Hawk Down propaganda! Contrary to popular visions of Mad Max style wastelands and carnage, the Awdal region is the most developed economy in sub-Saharan Africa and a tantalizing glimpse of what Ancap can do to a place.
Investigating the enormous opportunity left open by the lack of any recognizable government is the fine chaps of the Awdal Roads Company
One of the many services they're offering are package tours of the beautiful countryside for $1500.
I'm looking forward to a wild east African adventure, however there's wisdom in the old safety in numbers adage. So I'd like to take along a few (or many) brave like minded individuals. For more in depth discussion turn to the ASC forum
Anyone willing to gamble with militiamen, scorching sun, and infectious disease in the name of freedom, or simply curious, should email me asap. And then load up on all the necessities

The options essentially boil down to either some time in mid March during spring break season, or some time in the summer.

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Here's me enjoying my latest vice.

Some anti-statist propaganda

Bow to neither crown nor collar

Cooperation skewers leviathan

Impaled crowned skulls are apparently very popular among anti-statists.

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